The hotel is located some 8 km. west of the fishing village called Pelabuhan Ratu.

      Formerly just a traditional fishing village, Pelabuhan Ratu has grown into a lovely holiday resort, while retaining much of its former charm. It is a three-hour drive from either Jakarta or Bandung on good mountain roads. Pelabuhan Ratu-Cisolok is a 15 km stretch of breathtaking coastline; thick tropical forests cascade down steep hills to white sand beaches and the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. At night hundreds of fishermen's boatlamps merge with the star-studded sky above, an enchanting and romantic scene

      Encircled by beautiful and romantic panorama like beach, mountain, padi (rice) fields, Mustika Ratu Hotel & Resort provides mesmerizing views that will allow you to refresh both body and mind. The hotel is a luxurious retreat and a perfect place to rest and relax



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